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Aqua Face Brush

Aqua Face Brush



Ok, so I swear we aren’t QVC, but I did land in the chilly of goodness right after Christmas and I am finishing up testing them out and some did NOT make the cut 🤪 BUT someeee goodies blew my mind! This was one of them! I am OBSESSED, and my face is thankful! I was not good at exfoliating regularly... but I started using the buffer on this gem and the job is all done and easy!

❌Only issue- we have to order tonight 😖 and we have to hang out and wait for them to arrive for about 4 weeks because they will restock tonight and then boom, they sell out and I’m tired of missing them 😂

—> holds charge for a ridiculous amount of time! I’m talking weeks.... and honestly shocked me with its amount of power it hat without being hooked to a wall!
• 4 attachable heads
•Multiple speed options, I am loving the hard core one.... but I also brush my teeth to hard!
•Come with the container which is a top 5 pro for this item... the others I got from Amazon broke Bc I just stored them on the counter and at random!


🚨 READ ME, I’M IMPORTANT! You are purchasing a Pre Order. Deadlines for orders are Sunday at 9PM! Please keep in mind we have a turn around time of 20-25 business days for this item. Should something happen with your order we will email you from Should you need us, please email this email.