Be Kind Glam Tee

Be Kind Glam Tee


πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€Be KindπŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

If you only see a tee shirt here, let me get on my Soap Box! I don't want to associate this tee shirt with one incident but more so with the pain and destruction that our country is facing right now. Last night I literally could not sleep because I watched as boutique owners like myself had their stores destroyed by protesters. I watched ReneeandBilly Byrd pray over our country and all I could think was her husband is one of the kindest men I have ever met, and Lord please bring him home to her. I prayed for Ashlyn Alsobrooks when I saw that her husband was working at the drag strip where the shootings took place. I prayed and prayed. While I understand that the African American Community wants to be heard, and I feel like they need to be heard. That what happened this week was every bit of murder. I do not understand killing officers because they have the same job title as the unjust officer. I do not understand burning down businesses that have been nothing but inclusive.

My siblings and I were raised in a home where our Mom expected us to see everyone equally. My Mom had two Mom's growing up. When my Grandma Martin got sick, Maggie stepped in and cared for their whole family just like they were her own. My mom has shared stories over the years about how she would take them to the store and people would be confused at Maggie with her three white children. Maggie did not care what so ever. This is how we were raised. In anger, haste or fear- we were all Gods children who all deserved respect from one another. Everyone deserves for us to BE KIND. Everyone deserves to be heard. Everyone deserves the same respect from our Law Enforcement. Every Law Enforcement Professional deserves the upmost respect from anyone they encounter. If you break the law you deserve to experience the same treatment as the next person who breaks the law.
**Before anyone feels to add that I have no clue what it is like to deal with this type of situation- My family too has dealt with the bad cop. We had one of the craziest experiences EVER happen at our farm. I will NEVER forget the fear I had deep in my gut when I realized this cop was a loose cannon and I myself called 911 on him. He was not in his own head and I remember thinking he could EASILY shoot my own father out of haste and fear... fear of absolutely NOTHING. We understand there are bad apples, but this does NOT mean they are all bad. This shirt made me feel a whole lot of emotion, and I think it is one that will be a statement every time you put it on.

When you find yourself in a situation to which you feel like you have the floor to judge someone, take a moment and look at them right in the eye and remind yourself that they to are human. They are just like you and put on this Earth for a reason just like you. This shirt may cause issues or controversy but we will not entertain it here.