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>>>BLACK CARD 2.0<<< 🖤IF YOU WISH TO PURCHASE A BLACK CARD WE ASK THAT YOU TAKE A MOMENT TO READ THIS ENTIRE POST🖤 Thank you so much for loving Louise & Co enough to want the special perks of a Black Card! We are excited for you, and for us as we are opening a New Chapter to the boutique. It is VERY important that you read all of the information below prior to purchasing. We have tried several avenues with our Black Card and some did not work. Now that Lulu has a team, we are ready to kick back off our initial project, and we are opened back up the Louise & Co *BLACK CARD MEMBERS* Group! Here is the information that you need to know about the New Black Card & the Changes to Come!

1. The boutique will be pivoting over the next month to release 10-15 New Release In Stock Clothing Items a Month. BLACK CARD MEMBERS get first dibs! We will post the items in the Black Card Group Prior to the full Group. Due to COVID & Now the destruction to some of our major retailers we are going to adjust to carrying more staple pieces and must haves! Don't worry, we are ordering Deep Enough to cover all sizes in the Black Card Group!

When we know we are dropping an item in your size, you will be tagged on that post in the Black Card Group! This way you do not miss out on the items.

3. Your Black Card gets you 10% off of All REGULAR Priced items, except for style crates! We have seen an average of $800 in savings over a 6 month period. If you have your items shipped this will basically wash your shipping cost!

4. Our
BLACK CARD MEMBERS will be our new test group for our new machine! You will receive one gift a month! This is not a dozen roses, but pretty dang close in our opinion!

5. Several Black Cards experienced the perks of deliveries, custom orders, full vacation outfits and more and those perks will still stand!

6. We are doing away with the boutique phone. It does NOT work. Black Card Members will be grouped on Lulu's Phone. We will mute it after hours. Here you will also be alerted of New Arrivals!

7.BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY GIFT! So we chose to honor two holidays! One or the other for yourself, because we know some of your birthdays fall in other times. If that is still the case, please understand that when you renew your black card you will get a gift then!

8. You will get a custom code and card for your 10% Off! We are working with Comment Sold to correct an issue right now with our discounts! For Now you will use the code on the post! We have learned that our Black Card was the lowest priced of several boutiques we work with! We have changed the price, to allow you to use Sezzle for your payment and to allow us to provide you with Gifts without going in the red!


 If you purchased the Pro-Rated Black Card you will renew on July 1st.