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Wood Pendant Sets

Wood Pendant Sets



The perfect addition to any holiday gathering, these wood pendants are super cute and versatile!

Add them to the outside of a package, use them to decorate your tree, make a fun holiday garland for your mantle, or even let your kids grab some paint and have a craft day. 

Each set comes with 12 wood cutouts, 12 pieces of twine, and 12 wooden beads.

Approximately 2" x 2"

Hearts- Includes 6 cutout style hearts & 6 solid hearts

Stars- Includes 6 cutout style starts and 6 solid stars

Snowflakes- Includes 6 cutout style snowflakes & 6 round cutout styles snowflakes

Reindeer- Includes 6 round cutout style reindeer & 6 solid trees