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Margarita Gift Bundle

Margarita Gift Bundle

$45.00 $59.00

Today was as MAGICAL as this GIFT BUNDLE!

This set was MADE for Mama’s Day & Teachers Week & Nurses Week .... it was also made for a congrats  you breathed all week & didn’t got to jail either 👏🏼


If you need to ask if I absolutely freaked out when they sent me this photo- the answer is YESSSS! Look at all of those goodies & the scent is pineapple and coconut with a twist of lime... and smells like a freshly blended 🍹
🌴 SERIOUSLY- this is the best kick off to summer blend, your skin needs this, your mind needs this and your Mother called ... she needs one too!

These will be in a gift bag too, and we will dress it up Lulu’s Style!

🚨 These will ship to us in roughly 8 business days if we over sell the 10 sets I have already grabbed!