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Rose Water Tanning Face Mist

Rose Water Tanning Face Mist


🛑 Ok so just like the lipstick.... this is in my secret arsenal of must have items and we sold SO MANY bottles last week when we were doing Glow Pop tans! This is Rose water with DHA drops in it & its basically the adult version of bath and body works glitter spray 😂 the magic in this little bottle is ridiculous & the tan it gives off says “I’ve been worshiping the sun” without the wrinkles, dark spots and skin cancer!

I have been spraying my face, neck and chest— my face was absolutely white. I use a ton of sunscreen on my face and neck daily and it made me two toned! This has fixed that issue! My face is also extremely sensitive and I have had no reaction to the spray! If anything my skin has an extra glow!

You will spray this on before applying any moisturizers, spray it on and let it dry it apply your face care products! It’s best to use at night, so you can sleep in it! You won’t wash this off, just carry on with your normals face routine!

📷 My photo is first thing this AM, unfiltered & no makeup!